The Compelling Reason For TimeWell

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Scott Bair
The Compelling Reason For TimeWell

As an 80-year Harvard study shows, the greatest indication of whether or not someone will live a happy and healthy life comes down to one thing, and it isn't your diet--they found it was determined by your close relationships. 

Because of this, I've committed to helping multi-generational families to grow closer with each other.

And the way I do this is simple--by prompting them to talk and share more about their experiences and perspectives with each other. 

With TimeWell, a software company I've founded, we've made it stupid simple to record stories and share them with others. 

Think about the box of old family photos in your parents' house. If they don't have anything written on the back, or if someone isn't there to tell you about the context, the photos are pretty much meaningless. 

We don't believe it should be that way. 

With TimeWell, all you need to do is add your favorite photos and press just one button to record your voice recalling the special memory behind the photo.
The recordings are automatically saved and you can share them with anyone. 

While there are a number of competitors focused on documenting people's life stories with written text, TimeWell is all about voice.

We believe it would be much more powerful to hear the laughter, tears and range of emotions from your grandpa's voice instead of just reading his words.

If you agree and want your kids and future generations to know you on a deeper level, I'd be honored if you try TimeWell.

-Scott, Founder

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