8 Science-backed ways to create lasting memories with your kids

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8 Science-backed ways to create lasting memories with your kids

Memory is the interpretation of our overall experiences affected by time. It inspires our perspectives, emotions, beliefs and more. However, a happy childhood is the foundation of life. It instills confidence, nurtures creativity, and inspires talent, which helps kids shine in their adult life.

If you create long-lasting happy memories for your children, they will reproduce them and grow up to be healthy young adults who will deal with all sides of life (good and bad). Having a sense of self-worth comes from the reassurance given to children by parents.

As we all know, children grow up very fast. Once they get past the crawling stage, other stages seem to happen at an accelerated pace, so your kid’s early stage is the best time to foster relationships and create magical moments that last forever.

“The most impactful memories are made when they are least expected and unplanned.”

Fortunately, creating lasting memories doesn’t have to be a daunting task. The most impactful memories are made when they are least expected and unplanned. Memorable moments keep your children strong, comforted, and feel loved. Below are a few steps to open your creative juices to create those nostalgic moments for your loved ones. And guess what? Most of them are deeply rooted in scientific evidence.

Let’s jump in:

  1. Highlight their positive behaviors:
  2. Celebrate achievements
  3. Make little things extraordinary
  4. Spend time reading with them
  5. Have meals together
  6. Innovate traditions
  7. Be fully present for 15 minutes
  8. Play with them

1. Highlight their positive behaviors

There are numerous opportunities to discipline, correct or reprimand a child. Most emotionally strong children are those that are overbalanced with positive feelings from their loved ones.  Often, children portray good characters like being generous, kind, forgiving, and hardworking.

According to multiple studies, positive reinforcement of good behaviors in children can improve their motivations. You can leverage this opportunity by showing interest in what piques their attention. By paying attention to their positives, you create a family atmosphere they would remember and nurture their resilience to be a positive force in the world.

2. Celebrate their Achievements

Both adults and kids do remember their big moments. Celebrating those achievements makes the event evergreen in our memory. No matter how small the achievements, whether it is a class award or a medal from a competition, you can provide an award for your kids' accomplishments. While participation trophies may not be the best strategy in the long run, you can proudly hang their 1st place medal on their wall. In a research study conducted by Virginia Farr in 2003, she surmised that celebrations help children identify their uniqueness as individuals and understand why they are special.

3. Make little things extraordinary

Your child sees an ant, or is it an ANT? If you walk by with no comment, it's not memorable. But if you stop and watch it together, comment on how many eyes and legs it has, try to make it hop on a stick, search around whether its family is nearby, etc. – well, now you've made a memorable event. For every growing child, new and important things happen every day. It's up to parents to notice and engage in their excitement.

4. Spend time reading with them

Books are fantastic bonding tools.

Children do remember exciting stories that make their imagination soar. Bedtime stories are genuinely unforgettable moments for adults. If you don't want to think of how soon it will end, you can start reading with your children. A report on six previous studies published in 2006 showed that reading books to your children can foster interaction and improve their vocabulary at the same time.

5. Have meals together

Enjoying meals together every day is important in building long-lasting memories. It impacts children that the family is whole and that they care about one another. A study on Australian families posited that mealtimes between parents and children create perfect opportunities to promote health behaviors among family members.

Whether breakfast, lunch, or even a relaxed dinner, this time together will go a long way.

The aim is not for children to remember each meal that was shared at dinner, but to make them understand that family meals are an integral part of the day.

6. Innovate traditions

Activities and actions that you engage in often are called traditions. Big or small, they have to be consistent. Family traditions are always evergreen in our memories even as an adult.

Whether you attend a yearly festival or go camping at your favorite beach every summer, those recurring events are very memorable. In her paper, Christine Lohmeier of the University of Bremen described family traditions as ‘classic’ memory communities.

Traditions aren't only memorable but also strengthen family bonds and connect multiple generations.

7. Be fully present for 15 minutes

If you want to truly make an impact on your child, when they want to share something with you, stop what you’re doing, get on their level and give them your attention.

Productivity expert Julie Morgenstern responded to the question “How much time and attention do kids need to feel loved and secure?” by answering: “short bursts of five to 15 minutes of truly undivided attention delivered consistently – not big blocks of time delivered erratically.”

8. Play with them

The simplicity involved in being silly, playing, and building things with your children is enough to manufacture long-lasting memories. And according to a study, ages 7–12 play significant roles in creating memories from play.

Aside from reading, playing with kids helps strengthen the bond between parents and their kids. Additionally, it helps to develop children that are more willing to listen to others

Also, allowing them to play on their own is a way to help them learn how to use their imagination.


No matter where you are, either in the office or at home with them on weekends, the love you show your children during their childhood is the primary thing they will remember.

Just saying “I love you” to them is not enough. You have to prove it to them daily..

Creating long-lasting moments takes work. If you’re looking for a way to capture memories together by looking through photos together or by capturing your voices recalling why moments were special, we at TimeWell would love for you to try our online app. We’ve designed it to help families retain more of their memories. Request an invite for early access.

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